Head of Talent Acquisition

Conversation intelligence platform.
Leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning, Gong.io analyzes sales team customer interactions (emails, calls, video-con’s, etc.) to guide salespeople in optimizing their conversations

New customer reality vertical.
This is a massive market opportunity with very little competition. We sell across every business size and segment on a global scale, and our 600 customers and 300,000 users (and counting) are raving fans! We almost 5x’d revenue in 2018, are on track to hit 3x in 2019, and will do another 3x in 2020

“On the surface, Gong is a sales management tool, but we’re aiming to change the market forever. Instead of relying on people to enter information, this will monitor everything that is being said—giving the leadership team what’s really happening and giving customer-facing people insights into how to be better at their jobs—without anyone needing to lift their fingers. It’s like the autonomous car—it’s better than people doing it at a fraction of the cost, and you can enjoy the ride!” - Amit Bendov, CEO and co-founder

Amit Bendov

CEO and co-founder

Why join?

Seasoned leadership.
From our Founders to our C-suite, every member of our executive team has been there, done that, and are ready to do it again – bigger, better and faster!

Get into the creative spirit.
We have a 5-star Glassdoor, 100% CEO approval rating and close-to-zero voluntary attrition. People love to work here, so you can get creative on attracting talent versus firefighting!

Open new talent markets.
Help us figure out where to open new offices in the US and EMEA to get us from 195 (now) to 240 (by end of year) to 400 (in 2020)!

“Of the top 10 fastest growing software companies, we’re #7 worldwide. Our core product is a lot of AI and machine-learning technology, which draws in engineers. In terms of scale, we have clients like ADP and GE. [And, at the end of the day,] we build something people actually use.” - Eilon Reshef, CTO and co-founder

Eilon Reshef

CTO and co-founder

Why not join?

The Talent Partner Mandate

Architect and operationalize the recruiting process. Design metrics to inform on areas of improvement and consistently challenge the status quo

Blueprint a talent pipeline strategy that will maintain our high bar and operating principles as we go through hyper-scale

Build consistency and open communications channels across cultures and geographies

Actively consult to the leadership team, guiding them through current plans and what’s coming around the corner

Transition the hiring function more-fully in-house. Expand, coach and mentor the current TA team from 2 to 15 by the end of 2020

Thought partner to CPO Sandi as the first senior hire on the People team

“Our operating principles are more than a poster on a wall—they are engrained in the way we work. We are looking for a TA leader who will enjoy the ride as we build the first People org at Gong. We are excited to win as a team with a strong partnership between TA and People Ops. We are making early investments into TA, L&D, and BP to create raving fans both through the candidate experience and within the company. By proactively building the foundation for a strong culture and growth, we challenge conventional wisdom and inspire outside-the-box people programs.” - Sandi Kochhar, Chief People Officer

Sandi Kochhar

Chief People Officer

The People/Talent Org

Sandi Kochar

Head of Business Partners
(in search)

Head of TA

Head of Learning & Development
(in search)

Head of Total Rewards & Ops


Recruiting Coordinator

Contract Recruiter (2)


More Info

Founded: 2015

Funding: Series C | $134M total

Investors: Sequoia Capital | Battery Ventures | Norwest Venture Partners | Cisco Investments | Shlomo Kramer |
NextWorld Capital | Wing Venture Capital

Headcount: 195 employees

Location: San Francisco and Tel Aviv