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IVP | Bessemer Venture Partners | GGV Capital | Mayfield Fund | Redpoint


450 employees


San Francisco HQ + 80% distributed (N. Amer, APAC, EMEA)


Open source: 40M downloads to date | Commercial: 100 of F500 in ARR

What is HashiCorp?

We’re in the midst of a unique shift in the tech world – enterprises are using multiple clouds and they have to manage it somehow. This is a massive market disruption and we’re enabling it to happen. By providing a one-stop shop to provision, secure, connect and run their clouds, HashiCorp is liberating companies from their IT infrastructure, allowing them to be bigger, better and faster with their innovations and impact on the world!

Why this role, why now?

After closing our most recent round (Series D: $100m Nov 18), we’re on a crazy growth trajectory. We went from 150 employees at the beginning of 2018 to 450 as of March 15, on track to hit 800 by the end of the year and 1200+ by the end of 2020. In short, we have such an incredible inbound sales pipeline that we’re running to catch up!

  • The Vision
  • The Market
  • The Role
  • The Culture
  • The People

The Vision

“9 years ago, during our undergraduate years, Armon and I were doing research into what would become the cloud. We realized there were a bunch of challenges to using it correctly. We never planned on starting a company. We built all this stuff for fun. People would keep telling us, you can make money, but that was never our intention. We had our day jobs and we had to decide, do we give up on this or try to make money? We were taking a bet early-on that this would be the trend.” – Mitchell Hashimoto, Co-Founder & Co-CTO

“Mitchell and I were previously operators in the trenches doing work around infrastructure automation and cloud infrastructure management. We discovered that tools weren’t purpose-built for operating in the cloud and realized that every company was reinventing the wheel of how to manage the basic infrastructure. And, we thought, could HashiCorp be THE infrastructure company, sort of like Oracle and the database?” – Armon Dadgar, Co-Founder & Co-CTO

More from our Co-Founders

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The Market

“There was a famous quote, software is eating the world. That’s sort of the reality today. Every company is a software company. Our global market is the F2000 and all of them run data centers. We’re addressing 100% of the enterprise market. One thing that’s very crazy is that the closest public providers we can look to—Microsoft, Amazon, Google—they sell tens of billions of dollars in cloud infrastructure a year and, by all accounts, are only a single digit percentage of the market. We’re probably looking at hundreds of billions. What’s unique about us—we’re not selling one piece of software—we’re solving the infrastructure, every single piece of data versus one subset. The addressable market is very very large because of that.” – Mitchell Hashimoto, Co-Founder & Co-CTO

“One main thing that drove me to HashiCorp when they had a very small fraction of the revenue they have now is how incredibly large the market is. This is a massive disruption in how you provision, secure, run, and connect your company. It’s really 4 different major disruptions and we’re leading in every one.” – Navam Welihinda, VP Finance

“To be audacious, we’re in the role VMware played [in the early 2000’s].” – Joe Fowler, VP Global Sales Ops, Enablement & Planning

The Role

“There’s a few things that make us unique. 1. We’re hyper distributed, maybe 20% based in SF HQ, everyone else is not in a remote office but totally distributed. Its unfamiliar for most and uncomfortable as well. 2. We haven’t had that much of an issue sourcing, our employees are also our clients, but how do we maintain a really high bar? 3. We want to ensure people have a really good employee experience – when they leave the company, they’re still users and customers!” – Armon Dadgar, Co-Founder & Co-CTO

“We have the opportunity to transform the way people think about how companies operate, the workforce model, and create an environment where people can explore the possibilities of what they can do. One of the things that really intrigued me was the distributed workforce. We’re going to break traditional paradigms that go back before the industrial age, where we bring people together to a single place to do work. We can throw out the artificial construct of geography—we don’t care where you are—and move the challenges down the employee lifecycle. In the digital age, you’re now in the door. How do we create the connectivity, the communication, the sharing—how do we build real communities within a workplace where we are not physically together? How do people thrive in that environment? How do they explore their potential? That’s a fun challenge.”Jeff Harper,
Chief People Officer

On interview questions: Hashnode: I am Mitchell Hashimoto, AMA

Our Culture

“From very very early, I think we were 10 people, we created the principles. It was clear to us that we wanted to be a place where it is a professional environment, but at the same time not the corporate, somber type. Oftentimes, you go to startups and feel like you’re at chuckee cheese for adults. We wanted it to be professional, disciplined, focused. We check our egos at the door, accept people from all different backgrounds, etc. and our full focus is on how we solve the customer’s problem. It’s easy for companies to get into the mindset of hyper growth and grow into entitlement and insularity. We want to be a company who continuously questions what is the next problem. How do we push ourselves to the next level? The principles are our hiring guide.” – Armon Dadgar, Co-Founder & CTO

“We take our principles very seriously even now that we’re almost 500 people. It’s basic things, like kindness, honesty, and being humble, that makes HashiCorp a very welcoming place to work. There’s not really any ego that I can think of. Other people say, enterprise software, nobody really wants to work on it, but one person told me on our one-on-one, they found a place where they feel happy and respected, where they feel important and part of the team. So many companies drive forward with the mission. We tried to build a company that focuses on the people and what they’re making.” – Mitchell Hashimoto, Co-Founder & Co-CTO

The People Team

“For most of us, we’re here because we’re builders and we like to get things done. Sometimes, you have to go slow to go fast.” – Margaret Gillette, Senior Director, People Development

“[Jeff’s] easy to work with. He values everyone’s contributions and acknowledges it. He wants to be a sounding board and only step in when he needs to step in.” – Amy Jones, Director, People Business Partner

Your Role: Talent Thought Partner

  • Report into Jeff Harper, Chief People Officer, formerly of Mindbody and Demand Media, who has 2 IPO’s under his belt
  • Design an inclusive TA strategy and recruiting machine for our explosive growth trajectory
  • Continue to build and scale a world-class talent organization around a distributed (North America, EMEA, APAC) culture
  • Create and leverage meaningful analytics to identify leading health indicators across the TA function
  • Magnify our recruiting brand, informed by our employee value proposition, into the broader talent market
  • Build upon creative pipeline channels that focus on bringing diversity onto our teams

The Current State of TA

  • 7 recruiters, 3 coordinators, 2 TA operations
  • Recruiting function currently split between two HR Business Partners
  • ATS: Greenhouse
  • Pipeline: LinkedIn Recruiter, Textio, Fairygodboss, NSBE (National Society of Black Engineers)
  • Travel: Expensify

Our Tao