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Empowering every single employee in every single company in the world to be productive.

As a People leader, we spend our days imagineering employee happiness – from the first touch of our brand, through the candidate and employee lifecycles, and into the alumni and brand-champion stage. One of the key components on this journey blends into the CIO mandate – enabling these employees to easily and successfully deliver on their work. Productiv’s SaaS management platform enables CIO’s to simplify, plan, secure, and manage the tech stack for their employees.

People as the #1 priority at Productiv

“I’ve been fortunate in my career to work with truly incredible teams – intellectual horsepower and driven, but also just good people and good cultures. For me, stepping back and asking the existential question, ‘what is a company?’, it’s really two things, both people related. One, the people whose life you’re affecting with the product. One of our values is 'earn customer love'. Your customers don’t owe you anything. It’s on you to figure out their needs and deliver value, to keep investing in it. It doesn’t matter if we’re consumer or enterprise – at the end of the day, there’s a human at the other end of the transaction. And two, the team ... your people. When they get out of bed every day, what group do they choose to rejoin? Good people have tons of options. How do we bring that group of people together? How do we rehire those people constantly? We’re in this together - we laugh together, we cry together, we get frustrated together. It doesn’t matter if we have the best product or the best market fit. If we don’t have the best team in place, we’re never going to make it long-term.” - Jody


“Our culture is deliberate: it’s defined, nourished, reinforced, celebrated and iterated upon.” - Munish

Our Core Values


Stay Human

Fun, Family, Play, Laugh, Embrace Differences, Keep Learning.

Plan to Win Big

Aim high, Think Long Term, Be Curious, Take Smart Risks, Win Big.

Deliver Results

Make Impact, Act with Speed and Agility, Quality, Data-Driven, Think Critically.

Customer Before Team Before Self

Earn Customer Love, Prioritize Team Success, Invest in Others.

Do the Right Thing, Even When It's Hard

Act with Integrity, and be Transparent, Respectful, Authentic, Self-Critical, and Humble.

Take Ownership

Be Accountable, Bias to Action, Demand Excellence, Seek and Offer Collaboration, Learn from Mistakes, Disaggree and Commit.

“I’ve been fortunate to work with great companies. At Microsoft, what I took away was to have a very hard problem to solve, and to have the best people to solve them. At eBay, I learned from the cultural perspective – everybody had everybody’s back. I could call anyone and ask for help and they would help regardless of whether there was an impact on them – it was a very, very collaborative culture. At Amazon, I learned to obsess about the customer, take ownership, run fast and execute fast. At Postmates, I was drinking from the firehose every day, making an impact, yes, and also constantly learning from my mistakes. One of the first things we did when we formed Productiv was to take 2 days, when time was at a premium, to brainstorm our values, our culture, what we wanted to build upon – with the full understanding that it can change over time as we get bigger or we’re forced by some law of physics.” - Ashish

People mandate

  • Business Leader specializing in People. Thought partner and member of the e-team who seeks to understand different perspectives, foster inclusion and belonging, and balance compassion with business outcomes
  • Culture agent. Architect of a work environment that is empathic, authentic, engenders trust, communicates transparently, lifts us up together, and evolves with us as we go through hyper-growth
  • Candidate – Employee – Alumni experience champion. Designer of a game-changing talent attraction, engagement, development, retention, and continuation journey
  • People Ops engineer. Data-driven builder of policies, systems, processes, and procedures that align with Productiv’s cultural values
  • Mentor. Foster and grow a hi-po team of 4+ people and talent leaders



Palo Alto, CA (headquarters) San Francisco, CA Bellevue, WA Bengaluru, India


100 employees > 140 (in 12 months)




Series C | $73m